by DIN 4102

Fire hazards around us personally and on the road, at public events and in the workplace. Especially in the operational area fires require a lot of sacrifice. Each year, a total of about 600 people die by fire and smoke – 6.000 severely wounded. The financial loss is often several million euros in a single firing. With increasing threats also increase the requirements by law. The fire insurance policies only pay if these statutory fire safety measures in accordance with DIN 4102 were demonstrably met.
Building a comprehensive fire protection plan is essential for the responsible contractor. The modern fire protection products offer tailored solutions with a perfectly aligned to the building of measures – and thus the performance of all current legal requirements.

In fire prevention but must be invested not only in new buildings – most of the older buildings are compliant with current building code requirements no longer meet. A tailored approach for structural fire protection redevelopment also ensures human life, investment and jobs.